Keep your business up and running, even when your internet goes down.

APEX Connect is the "always-on", plug 'n' play solution for internet downtime. APEX Connect works with ANY point of sale, order management system, property management system, or credit card terminal!

When your existing internet connection goes down, APEX Connect keeps your business up and running!

Create an "always-on" connection for your:

Point of Sale

Delivery Tablets

Credit Card Terminal

Critical Business Software

plug 'n' play

Quick and easy setup that works WITH your existing network!

Simply connect the base unit to your existing network, connect the LTE 460 Adapter to the base unit, and plug the base unit into a power outlet.

APEX Connect Plug 'n' Play Service Bundle:



  • 4G/LTE Adapter

  • POE Connector

  • Quick Install Kit

  • Base Unit

  • Backup Phone Service

36 mo Service Included

*Excl applicable taxes and fees. 36 mo of service includes 10gb/mo of data. Additional data billed at $10/gb. Equipment in bundle provided as a $0/mo rental for 36mo and must be purchased or returned at the end of the 36mo term. Additional terms and conditions apply.

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